How To Find Your Login Password

A password is now required to login to the online manifest system for reporting your outgoing OhioLINK Pcirc cargo bag statistics. Your password is a combination of your specific location's 3-digit code and your institution's short name code, which is a short alphabetic code.

  1. First, find your institution's short name code. To look up your institution's short name code, scroll through and find it in the list below. (Your code appears after the double equals sign that follows your location)
  2. Take your location's 3-digit number and add the short name code after it to get your password. See the following example.
  3. An Example:
    The OhioLINK Main Office location's 3-digit code is:  200
    The OhioLINK Main Office short name code from the list below is:  ox
    The OhioLINK Main Office locaton's password for logging in to enter their bag stats is: 200ox
  4. Use YOUR password in combination with YOUR 3-digit number in order to login.

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Current short name code for institutions understood by Manifest